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  • 24 January, 2012 /
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    Andy is grateful for the opportunity to race and is proud of his accomplishments thus far. He’s looking forward to setting more personal bests in the near future.


    Event   Time Year Track  
     800m 1:46.322007Outdoor
     1500m 3.37.162012Indoor
     Mile 3:49.382008Outdoor
     3000m 7.39.862012Outdoor
     5000m 13.22.442012Indoor


    Date Meeting Event Place
     2012Olympic Games (semi-final)1500m8th
    Olympic Trials & UK Championships1500m1st
     2011Aviva European Trials & UK Championships3000m(i) 1st
     2010Commonwealth Games1500m6th
    European Championships1500m6th
    Aviva European Trials and UK Championships1500m1st
     2009Fifth Avenue MileMile1st
    Great North City GamesMile1st
    IAAF World Championships1500m11 (s2)
     2008Olympic Games1500m8th
    Aviva National Championships inc Olympic Trials800M2nd
    Spar European Cup3000m1st
    Bislett Games Golden LeagueMile1st
     2007IAAF World Athletic Finals1500m7th
    IAAF World Championships1500m9th
    Spar European Cup1500m2nd
     2006European Championships1500m6th
    Norwich Union European Trials inc AAA Championships1500m1st
    Commonwealth Games1500m12th*
    AAA Indoor Championships800m(i) 6th*
     2005World University Games1500m2nd
    European Indoor Championships3000m(i) 9th (h2)
    AAA Indoor Championships3000m(i) 2nd
     2004AAA Championships1500m2nd
    * tripped

    Upcoming Races

    Date Meeting Event

    Previous Races

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    Date Meeting Location Event Result
     22, Sep 2013Fifth Avenue MileNew York1 mile3.58.7 16th
     24, Aug 2013Brighton Hove ParkrunBrighton5km14.28 1st
     02, Feb 2013New Balance Indoor Grand PrixBoston3000m8.02.70 8th
     26, Aug 2012Birmingham Diamond LeagueBirmingham1500m3.38.87 9th
     11, Aug 2012Bushy ParkrunBushy Park, London5km13.48 1st (World Record!)
     05, Aug 2012Olympic Games (semi-final)London1500m3.36.03 8th
     03, Aug 2012Olympic Games (heat)London1500m3.40.34 6th (Q)
     23, Jun 2012Olympic Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham1500m3.47.99 1st
     14, Jun 2012Folksam GPGothenburg, SWE800m1.47.80 7th
     09, Jun 2012Lille MetropoleLille, FRA1500m3.36.70 1st
     25, May 2012Golden SpikeOstrava, CZE3000m7.39.86 3rd*
     29, Apr 2012Payton JordanStanford, CA1500m3.35.19 1st
     20, Apr 2012Mount Sac RelaysWalnut,CA1500m3.40.33 1st
     18, Feb 2012Aviva Grand PrixBirmingham1500m3.37.16 5th*
     11, Feb 2012Millrose GamesNew York5000m13.22.44 6th*
     04, Feb 2012New Balance Indoor Grand PrixBoston3000m7.47.09 8th
     21, Jan 2012New Balance GamesThe Armory, New YorkMile3.57.22 1st
     31, Dec 2011BPTTBushy Park, LondonPark Run14.26 1st
     11, Dec 2011European Cross Country ChampionshipsVelenje, SloveniaCross Country25th
     26, Nov 2011European Cross Country TrialsLiverpool, UKCross Country29:26 4th
     06, Aug 2011Aviva London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:46.20 (+) 12m
     06, Aug 2011Aviva London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UKMile4:06.04 12th
     31, Jul 2011Aviva World Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham, UK1500m3:39.44 2nd
     30, Jul 2011Aviva World Trials & UK ChampionshipsBirmingham, UK1500m3:47.35 2nd (h1)
     22, Jul 2011Míting Internacional d´Atletisme Ciutat de BarcelonaBarcelona, ESP1500m3:46.56 15th
     15, Jul 2011Internationale Bottroper Leichtathletik GalaBottrop, GER1500m3:38.38 7th (A)
     09, Jul 2011Samsung Diamond LeagueOslo, NOR1500m3:38.25 (+) 8m
     08, Jul 2011Samsung Diamond LeagueParis, FRA1500m3:36.47 15th
     02, Jul 2011British Athletics League Division 1Kingston, UK800m1:50.09 1st (A)
     19, Jun 2011Spar European Team ChampionshipsStockholm, SWE3000m8:03.97 4th
     09, Jun 2011Samsung Diamond LeagueOslo, NORMile3:54.29 8th
     28, May 2011BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity, UK800m1:48.56 1st (A)
     17, Apr 2011BAA Invitational MileBoston, MA, USAMile4:16.17 1st
     05, Mar 2011European Indoor ChampionshipsParis, FRA3000m7:54.49 (i) 4th
     04, Mar 2011European Indoor ChampionshipsParis, FRA3000m8:01.56 (i) 3rd (h3)
     19, Feb 2011Aviva Grand PrixBirmingham, UK1500m3:39.16 (i) 8th
     13, Feb 2011Aviva European Trials & UK ChampionshipsSheffield, UK3000m7:54.60 (i) 1st
     20, Nov 2010Bushy Park parkrun 5KBushy Park, UK5KMT15:01 5th
     12, Oct 2010Commonwealth GamesDelhi, IND1500m3:43.33 6th
     11, Oct 2010Commonwealth GamesDelhi, IND1500m3:41.25 4th (h1)
     26, Sep 2010Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue MileNew York City, USAMile3:53.34 3rd
     18, Sep 2010BUPA Great North City GamesNewcastle, UK2 Mile8:34 3rd
     09, Sep 2010Notturna di MilanoMilan, ITA3000m7:42.75 6th
     05, Sep 2010IAAF/VTB Bank Continental CupSplit, CRO1500m3:38.41 5th
     29, Aug 2010IAAF World Challenge MeetingRieti, ITA1500m3:35.35 11th
     24, Aug 2010Meeting de Lille MetropoleLille, FRA1500m3:36.22 4th
     14, Aug 2010Aviva London Grand Prix Diamond LeagueCrystal Palace, UKMile3:57.50 11th
     14, Aug 2010Aviva London Grand Prix Diamond LeagueCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:40.13 (+) 11m
     30, Jul 2010European ChampionshipsBarcelona, ESP1500m3:43.87 6th
     28, Jul 2010European ChampionshipsBarcelona, ESP1500m3:41.46 1st (h1)
     10, Jul 2010Aviva British Grand PrixGateshead, UK1500m3:35.50 5th
     27, Jun 2010Aviva European Trials and UK ChampionshipsBirmingham, UK1500m3:41.49 1st
     26, Jun 2010Aviva European Trials and UK ChampionshipsBirmingham, UK1500m3:43.78 1st (h2)
     10, Jun 2010IAAF Diamond LeagueRome, ITA1500m3:35.50 11th
     04, Jun 2010IAAF Diamond LeagueOslo, NORMile4:00.66 12th
     27, May 2010Zlatá Tretra IAAF World Challenge MeetingOstrava, CZE800m1:47.46 9
     18, Apr 2010BAA Invitational MileBoston, USAMile4:08.60 1st
     04, Mar 2010IAAF Diamond LeagueMelbourne, AUS5000m13:20.85 1st*
     29, Jan 2010Millrose GamesNew York City, USAMile3:58.09 (i) 3rd
     23, Jan 2010New Balance GamesNew York City, USAMile3:55.64 (i) 1st*
     23, Jan 2010New Balance GamesNew York City, USA1500m3:40.60 (i+) m
     09, Jan 2010BUPA Great Edinburgh InternationalEdinburgh, UK4KXC13:54 7th
     02, Jan 2010Bushy Park parkrun 5KBushy Park, UK5KMT14:14 1st
     26, Sep 2009Fifth Avenue MileNew York City, USAMile3:51.8 1st
     19, Sep 2009Great North City GamesGateshead Quays, UKMile4:02 1st
     13, Sep 2009BUPA Great Capital RunLondon, UK5000m13:45 1st
     06, Sep 2009Rieti MeetingRieti, ITA1500m3:35.07 6th
     31, Aug 2009Aviva British Grand PrixGateshead, UK1500m3:41.24 2nd
     17, Aug 2009IAAF World ChampionshipsBerlin, GER1500m3:38.23 11 (s2)
     15, Aug 2009IAAF World ChampionshipsBerlin, GERMile3:51.83 4th (h3)
     08, Aug 2009International Lausitzer MeetingCottbus, GER1000m2:21.48 3rd
     17, Jun 2009Golden SpikeOstrava, CZEMile3:51.83 2nd
     17, Jun 2009Golden SpikeOstrava, CZE1500m3:36.24 (+) m
     09, Jun 2009Folksam Grand PrixGothenburg, SWE800m1:48.28 3rd
     05, Mar 2009Melbourne Grand PrixMelbourne, AUS5000m13:20.99 2nd
     10, Jan 2009BUPA Great Edinburgh InternationalEdinburgh, UK4KXC12:17 1st
     03, Jan 2009Bushy Park parkrun 5KBushy Park, UK5KMT14:23 1st
     31, Aug 2008Aviva British Grand PrixGateshead, UK1000m2:21.13 10th
     19, Aug 2008Olympic GamesBeijing, CHN1500m3:35.27 8th
     17, Aug 2008Olympic GamesBeijing, CHN1500m3:37.47 3rd (s2)
     15, Aug 2008Olympic GamesBeijing, CHN1500m3:36.47 3rd (h3)
     25, Jul 2008Aviva London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:40.5 (+) m
     25, Jul 2008Aviva London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UKMile3:54.76 2nd
     12, Jul 2008Aviva National Championships inc Olympic TrialsBirmingham, UK800M1:50.48 2nd
     10, Jul 2008Aviva National Championships inc Olympic TrialsBirmingham, UK800m1:49.88 1st (h2)
     01, Jul 2008Bank of Scotland CupGrangemouth, UK800m1:50.52 2nd
     22, Jun 2008Spar European CupAnnecy, FRA3000m8:01.28 1st
     06, Jun 2008Bislett Games Golden LeagueOslo, NOR1500m3:34.36 (+) m*
     06, Jun 2008Bislett Games Golden LeagueOslo, NORMile3:49.38 1st*
     09, May 2008Artur Takač MemorialBelgrade, SRB800m1:47.38 1st
     26, Apr 2008National 12 Stage RelaysSutton Coldfield, UKZRDL13:39 -15 (L2)
     21, Feb 2008Telstra Melbourne Track ClassicMelbourne, AUS1500m3:38.24 1st
     26, Jan 2008Boston Indoor GamesBoston, USA3000m7:45.10 (i) 3rd*
     19, Jan 2008New Balance GamesNew York City, USA1500m3:45.86 (i+) m
     19, Jan 2008New Balance GamesNew York City, USAMile3:59.29 (i) 1st
     12, Jan 2008Great Edinburgh International Inter-District ChampionshipsEdinburgh, UK4.4KXC12:52 1st
     09, Dec 2007European ChampionshipsToro, ESPZXC32:14 11th
     24, Nov 2007UK Challenge SeriesLiverpool, UKZXC30:27 4th
     03, Nov 2007English Cross Country Relay ChampionshipsMansfield, UKZXC14:49 7th
     29, Sep 2007Great North Run International RacesGateshead, UKMile4:07 1st
     23, Sep 2007IAAF World Athletic FinalsStuttgart, GER1500m3:39.14 7th
     14, Sep 2007IAAF Golden League, Van Damme MemorialBrussels, BEL1500m3:35.94 5th
     07, Sep 2007IAAF Golden League, Weltklasse ZürichZürich, SUI1500m3:40.75 11th
     29, Aug 2007IAAF World ChampionshipsOsaka, JPN1500m3:35.95 9th
     27, Aug 2007IAAF World ChampionshipsOsaka, JPN1500m3:43.03 4th (s1)
     25, Aug 2007IAAF World ChampionshipsOsaka, JPN1500m3:39.60 5th (s2)
     07, Aug 2007IAAF Super Grand Prix - DN GalanStockholm, SWE1000m2:16.99 5th
     03, Aug 2007Norwich Union Super Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:36.68 3rd
     29, Jul 2007Norwich Union World Trials & AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:43.25 1st
     28, Jul 2007Norwich Union World Trials & AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:47.54 1st (h1)
     15, Jul 2007Norwich Union British Grand PrixSheffield, UK1500m3:34.74 1st
     30, Jun 2007BCM Nike Grand PrixWatford, UK800m1:46.32 1st (A) *
     23, Jun 2007Spar European CupMunich, GER1500m3:48.08 2nd
     15, Jun 2007IAAF Golden League, Exxon Mobil Bislett GamesOslo, NORMile3:51.95 3rd
     03, Jun 2007Norwich Union ClassicGlasgow, UK1500m3:37.14 3rd
     17, Mar 2007Wanganui, NZLWanganui, NZLMile3:58.81 1st
     02, Mar 2007Telstra Melbourne Track ClassicMelbourne, AUS1500m3:38.13 2nd
     17, Feb 2007Sydney, AUSSydney, AUS3000m7:54.74 5th
     20, Jan 2007New Balance GamesNew York City, USAMile4:01.17 (1) 5th
     20, Jan 2007New Balance GamesNew York City, USA1500m3:46.95 (i+) m
     27, Aug 2006Rieti, ITARieti, ITA1500m3:41.75 13th
     19, Aug 2006Norwich Union InternationalBirmingham, UKMile4:10.08 2nd
     09, Aug 2006European ChampionshipsGothenburg, SWE1500m3:42.31 6th
     07, Aug 2006European ChampionshipsGothenburg, SWE1500m3:41.92 7th (h2)
     28, Jul 2006Norwich Union London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:39.96 4th
     16, Jul 2006Norwich Union European Trials inc AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:41.18 1st
     15, Jul 2006Norwich Union European Trials inc AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:44.31 4th (h1)
     28, Jun 2006European CupMalaga, SPA1500m3:52.27 6th
     24, Jun 2006BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull, UK800m1:46.62 1st
     11, Jun 2006British Grand PrixGateshead, UK1500m3:36.52 4th
     06, Jun 2006Lucerne, SWILucerne, SWI1500m3:40.87 1st
     20, May 2006BMC Nike Grand PrixLoughborough, UK3000m8:00.58 3rd (A)
     25, Mar 2006Commonwealth GamesMelbourne, AUS1500m4:24.14 12th
     24, Mar 2006Commonwealth GamesMelbourne, AUS1500m3:40.60 2nd (h1)
     09, Mar 2006Telstra Grand PrixMelbourne, AUSMile4:00.69 1st
     18, Feb 2006Norwich Union Grand PrixBirmingham, UK1500m3:43.76 (i) 9th
     12, Feb 2006AAA Indoor ChampionshipsSheffield, UK800m1:55.71 (i) 6th
     11, Feb 2006AAA Indoor ChampionshipsSheffield, UK800m1:48.67 (i) 1st (h3)*
     28, Jan 2006Norwich Union Indoor InternationalGlasgow, UK1500m3:43.50 (i) 1st
     21, Jan 2006New York City, USANew York City, USAMile3:58.23 (i) 2nd
     21, Jan 2006New Balance GamesNew York City, USAMile3:58.23 (i) 2nd
     18, Aug 2005World University GamesIzmir, TUR1500m3:50.90 2nd
     16, Aug 2005World University GamesIzmir, TUR1500m3:45.62 1st (h2)
     06, Aug 2005BMCCrystal Palace, UK800m1:47.09 1st (A)
     22, Jul 2005Norwich Union London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:36.43 10th
     10, Jul 2005AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:37.08 2nd
     09, Jul 2005AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:45.56 1st (h1)
     25, Jun 2005BMCSolihull, UK1500m3:39.93 2nd (A)
     11, Jun 2005BMCWatford, UK1500m3:39.79 3rd (A)
     02, May 2005BUSA ChampsGlasgow, UK5000m14:12.15 1st
     30, Apr 2005BUSA ChampsGlasgow, UK5000m15:10.50 4th
     04, Mar 2005European Indoor ChampionshipsMadrid, ESP3000m8:11.20 (i) 9th (h2)
     13, Feb 2005AAA Indoor ChampionshipsSheffield, UK3000m7:58.47 (i) 2nd
     03, Sep 2004Brussels, BEL1000m2:21.20 1st
     18, Aug 2004BMCWatford, UK800m1:49.64 1st (A)
     08, Aug 2004NoEAA Inter-Regional Match DerbyDerby, UK800m1:50.79 2nd
     30, Jul 2004Norwich Union London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UKMile3:56.13 9th
     24, Jul 2004Norwich Union U23 InternationalSportcity, UK1500m3:42.41 1st
     19, Jul 2004Meeting de MadridMadrid, ESP1500m3:39.40 2nd (B)
     11, Jul 2004AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:50.40 2nd
     10, Jul 2004AAA ChampionshipsSportcity, UK1500m3:46.02 4th (h2)
     30, Jun 2004Norwich Union London Grand PrixCrystal Palace, UK1500m3:40.5 10m
     27, Jun 2004Norwich Union British Grand PrixGateshead, UK1500m3:39.11 7th
     12, Jun 2004BMCWatford, UK1500m3:40.11 2nd (A)
     06, May 2004BMCOxford, UKMile4:11.38 8th (A)
     06, May 2004Oxford, UK1500m3:53.8 (+) 8m
     03, May 2004BUSA ChampsGateshead, UK800m1:49.3 2nd
     02, May 2004BUSA ChampsGateshead, UK800m1:50.4 2nd (s3)
     01, May 2004BUSA ChampsGateshead, UK800m1:54.18 3rd (h5)
     29, Feb 2004BUSA Indoor ChampsCardiff, UK1500m3:53.85 (i) 2nd
     28, Feb 2004BUSA Indoor ChampsCardiff, UK1500m3:35.36 (i) 1st (s2)
     30, Aug 2003D2 Watford, UK1500m3:53.0 1st (B)
     20, Aug 2003BMCWatford, UK800m1:50.32 2nd (A)
     06, Aug 2003BMC Grand PrixSolihull, UK1500m3:45.87 1st (B)
     02, Aug 2003Bal D2 Sheffield, UK800m1:50.1 1st (A)
     25, Jul 2003AAA ChampionshipsBirmingham, UK1500m3:51.96 9th (h2)
     05, Jul 2003BMC Grand PrixWatford, UK800m1:52.55 4th
     28, Jun 2003Norwich Union U23Bedford, UK1500m3:57.77 6th (h2)
     17, May 2003Oxford v. Cambridge Varsity MatchCambridge, UK800m1:56.60 1st
     03, Sep 2002BMCStretford, UK1500m3:51.82 1st
     31, Aug 2002Bal Div 1.4Wigan, UK800m1:55.3 2nd (B)
     20, Aug 2002BMCStretford, UK800m1:51.27 1st (B)
     14, Aug 2002BMCWatford, UK1500m3:46.59 1st (B)
     11, Aug 2002Derby Challenge / Cleveland Cup DerbyDerby, UK1500m3:53.0 2nd
     30, Jun 2002AAA U20 & U23 ChampsBedford, UK1500m4:03.85 11th
     29, Jun 2002AAA U20 & U23 ChampsBedford, UK1500m3:55.9 3rd (h1)
     22, May 2002BMCWatford, UK800m1:52.35 1st (C)
     18, May 2002Aqua Pura InternationalLoughborough, UK1500m3:48.87 6th
     06, May 2002Halifax BUSFBedford, UK1500m3:45.96 2nd
     05, May 2002Halifax BUSFBedford, UK1500m3:58.32 1st (h4)
     24, Apr 2002WOpenWatford, UK1500m3:52.20 1st
     09, Jun 2001Merseyside WavertreeLiverpool, UK1500m4:04.60 1st
     09, Jun 2001Merseyside WavertreeLiverpool, UK800m1:59.1 1st
     19, May 2001Cambridge, UK800m1:52.6 1st
     14, Apr 2001Harvard & Yale v. Oxford & CambridgeNew Haven, USA800m1:53.93 2nd
     08, Apr 2001Penn InvitationalPhiladelphia, USA1500m3:52.15 1st
     04, Nov 2000Oxford v Cambridge Freshers MatchCambridge, UK800m1:58.8 1st
     07, Oct 2000GB v Italy v France v Spain U20 InternationalGrosseto, ITA1500m3:59.66 8th
     30, Sep 2000Derby, UK800m1:53.55 2nd
     05, Sep 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m3:50.79 4th (A)
     27, Aug 2000AAA Under 20Bedford, UK1500m3:53.63 7th
     22, Aug 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK800m1:52.35 1st (A)
     12, Aug 2000AAA ChampionshipsBirmingham, UK1500m3:54.15 13th (h3)
     08, Aug 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m3:53.44 6th (A)
     02, Aug 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesWatford, UK1500m3:49.4 5th (A)
     25, Jul 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m3:46.36 4th (A)
     19, Jul 2000BMCSolihull, UK1500m3:49.8 3rd (A)
     11, Jul 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK800m1:53.53 6th (B)
     09, Jul 2000ESAA ChampsSheffield, UK1500m3:55.44 5th
     08, Jul 2000ESAA ChampsSheffield, UK1500m3:54.73 2nd (h1)
     02, Jul 2000Inter-Regional MatchWatford, UK1500m3:54.44 1st
     27, Jun 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m3:56.62 13th (A)
     18, Jun 2000Mersey Division Bebington, UK1500m4:09.8 1st
     10, Jun 2000Merseyside WavertreeLiverpool, UK800m1:59.1 1st
     10, Jun 2000Merseyside WavertreeLiverpool, UK1500m4:04.6 1st
     30, May 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK800m1:51.92 1st (D)
     27, May 2000North of EnglandCleckheaton1500m4:03.4 1st
     13, May 2000Merseyside WavertreeLiverpool, UK1500m3:57.7 1st
     02, May 2000BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m4:00.0 3rd (A)
     06, Feb 2000AAA Under 20 ChampsBirmingham, UK1500m4:02.36 (i) 7th
     29, May 1999Wigan, UK1500m3:52.79 3rd
     27, Apr 1999BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m3:58.4 3rd
     31, Dec 1998800m1:57.4
     23, May 1998Leeds, UK3000m8:57.5 2nd
     19, May 1998BMC Gold Standard RacesStretford, UK1500m4:01.5
     20, Jul 1996Bebington, UK1500m4:18.1 1st
    * personal best